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Experiencing postpartum anxiety can be one of the scariest and most confusing times in a mother’s life. Many mothers start to have thoughts and feelings that they have never experienced before such as extreme anxiety, depression, and hopelessness. As scary as it is, most often it is not permanent and can be treated through many different methods that range from things that you can do at home to things that are overseen by a health professional.

The first step to managing postpartum anxiety is to acknowledge its existence and to realize that it is something that needs to be treated. Ignoring the issue will most often result in the condition worsening to a dangerous degree. Researching what postpartum anxiety is and its symptoms can often help mothers realize that what they are dealing with is very real and is something that needs immediate action.

The next step in managing postpartum anxiety is to reach out for help from others. Some possible people to reach out to include: friends, family, your primary doctor, your OB-GYN, or your spouse. This person needs to be trustworthy and someone who will react with understanding and kindness. It can be helpful for a mother to try to also specify what kind of help she needs. Help with meals, childcare, or house cleaning can all be ways that others can help a mother struggling with postpartum anxiety. These things may seem small but can help treat postpartum in a very big way.

Finally, mothers can turn to their primary doctor or OB-GYN for help in managing their postpartum anxiety. They can help evaluate a case to see what kind of care, if any, that they can provide. They may also refer mothers to a good counselor or psychiatrist if the need is there so that they can get the type of help that they need for their specific situation.

There are many options available for treating each mother’s postpartum anxiety in a way that will be most helpful to them individually, but the key to managing postpartum anxiety is to acknowledge the need for treatment and to seek it out. This truly is the best thing that a mother can do for both herself and her growing family.