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Postpartum refers to the first two to three months after delivering your baby. This phase comes with lots of adjustments; physically, mentally, and emotionally. Essentially, postpartum is when you learn about being a new mom and nurture that intimate bond with your baby. Additionally, this is the period to recover, rest, and allow your body to regain the lost energy. Here are insightful self-care tips to carry you through the postpartum period.


Taking care of a newborn baby calls for lots of effort and sacrifice. Ideally, newborn babies have no specific schedule or sleeping pattern; they require to feed about every three hours. Consequently, getting at least seven hours of quality sleep is quite a struggle for most new moms. Most times, you’ll feel tired, sleep-deprived, and overwhelmed, especially if you’re taking care of the baby alone. 

To get more rest, make sure to sleep whenever your baby falls asleep. If you find it difficult taking daytime naps, consider coming up with a sleeping routine that works for you. Additionally, having the baby’s cot close to your bed makes the night feedings a lot easier. Do not hesitate to ask for assistance from your partner, friends, or family. 

Healthy Eating

Proper nutrition is highly essential to enhance the recovery process. Usually, new moms desire to lose the baby fat almost immediately after delivery. However, excessive dieting could bring harm to your body and affect the production of breast milk.

A healthy diet provides the energy and calories needed for nursing the baby. According to research, your body consumes approximately 500 extra calories during the breastfeeding period. Healthy foods include grains, lean meat, vegetables, dairy products, and fruits. Lactating moms should also take more fluids to increase milk production. If you’re struggling to develop a meal plan, seek help from a lactation consultant to establish the best foods.


Incorporating light exercises into your daily routine is recommendable to refresh your mind. During this period, you shouldn’t necessarily exercise to lose weight or tone your body. Essentially, light exercises are for relaxing the brain and brightening your mood. You could go for short walks, stretch a bit in the sun, or practice yoga. You could also visit the gym occasionally, only if your doctor approves.