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All women should take control of their health to ensure that they can live their best life. There are a few things to start focusing on how to enhance any woman’s health. 

Adopt a Healthier Diet

What a woman eats greatly influences her overall health. Use the following as a guideline for a healthy daily diet:

-Three ounces of whole grains

-Five ounces of protein

-Two cups of vegetables

-Two cups of fruit

It is also important to get low-fat dairy each day since women need plenty of calcium to help reduce their risk of osteoporosis. 

Exercise Regularly

All women should engage in exercise four to five days a week to maintain optimal health. Each session should last for about 30 minutes. Make sure to get a mixture of strength training and cardiovascular exercise. One way to get started is to start walking most days of the week. 

Use Sun Protection

In the US, an estimated 43,850 women will be diagnosed with melanoma in 2021. Women can reduce their risk by wearing an SPF 15 sunscreen every day. When sweating or swimming, be sure to reapply it every two hours for continuous protection. 

Control Stress

For women specifically, stress can cause heart issues, obesity, menstrual issues, mental health issues, and even digestive problems. To reduce stress, it is important for women to express their emotions, exercise, maintain a positive social life and ensure that any goals they set are attainable. 

Stay Current on Medical Care

Getting medical care on time is important for women to maintain good overall health. It is important to make the following appointments on time:

-Annual physical (should include a Pap smear)

-Dental cleaning and checkup

-Breast cancer screening

-Colon cancer screening

-Osteoporosis screening

-STD screening

-Vaccine boosters

Women should work with their doctors to know when to schedule these screenings at the right times. 

It is best to start with one of these and then add the others over time. This makes it easier to focus on one so that women can make it a habit. Once one new good habit is adopted, add another and continue until all are a part of everyday life.